Do Dental Fillings Hurt Afterwards?

Posted on 25th May, 2017 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Dental Fillings

Dental fillings may hurt afterward. Although it can be annoying, it’s common and nothing to worry about. But why do fillings hurt after restoration?

Why would a dental filling hurt after a restoration?

After completing a dental filling, the …

Do Your Gums Behind Your Molars Hurt?

Posted on 17th March, 2017 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Gum Pain

If the gums behind your molars hurt, it could be a symptom of a condition called pericoronitis, a common condition that causes the gum tissue behind your molars to swell and become infected. As a result, you may experience pain …

My Gums Bleed At Night

Posted on 15th December, 2016 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Gum Pain

Gums bleeding at night is one of the issues that some of our patients have when they come and see our dentists at Advanced Dental Care of Austin. Bleeding gums at night is a sign that you may suffer …

Cracked Tooth After a Root Canal

Posted on 9th November, 2016 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Cracked Tooth

A root canal treatment repairs and saves an infected tooth. It involves the removal of a damaged part of the tooth and cleaning, disinfecting, filling and sealing the remaining part of the tooth. In other words, a root canal is …

What are the Best Ways to Prevent Plaque?

Posted on 6th October, 2016 by Justin D'Abadie in Plaque

Plaque contains harmful bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease. When plaque hardens, it becomes tartar that attaches to your teeth’s enamel. If it’s not removed, it will result in inflammation and irritation to your gums around your teeth.…

Does Tooth Decay Cause Bad Breath?

Posted on 24th May, 2016 by Justin D'Abadie in Bad Breathe, Blog

Tooth decay and bad breath are something that you don’t want to have. Bad breath, for one, is embarrassing. Some sufferers don’t realize that they have it, but the people around them are afraid to tell the truth.

Several reasons …

Gold or Porcelain: Which Dental Crown is Right for You?

Posted on 23rd March, 2016 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Dental Crowns

It’s extremely confusing to choose between gold and porcelain as a material to be used for crowns. These two options have their own pros and cons. As you make your decisions, you and your dental professional should work together to …

Can Flossing Prevent Heart Disease?

Posted on 4th February, 2016 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Flossing

Flossing alone can’t prevent heart disease. However, when you practice good oral hygiene, your habit may provide overall health benefits, including cardiovascular disease prevention. Flossing, when it’s accompanied by brushing at least twice a day, can lower your risk of …

Why Should I Get Cavities Filled?

Posted on 9th December, 2015 by Justin D'Abadie in Blog, Dental Fillings

When your dentist finds that your tooth has a cavity, you need a filling. A dental filling is necessary to protect the affected tooth from further decay. If it is left unfilled, your tooth will get worse as the cavity …

My Tooth is Numb – What Should I Do?

Posted on 21st October, 2015 by Justin D'Abadie in Numbness

My tooth is numb. Why? I thought my tooth was dead in my mouth.

Your tooth is alive. It contains blood vessels and nerves. That said, if you feel numbness in your tooth, it may indicate that it has been …

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