Do Tongue Scrapers Help Bad Breath?

There are bacteria in your mouth. However, it’s not these microorganisms that cause your stinky breath. These bacteria produce sulfur that makes your breath stench. The majority of these bacteria resided right into your tongue. But Do Tongue Scrapers Help Bad Breath? You may ask how can tongue scrapers aid in getting rid of halitosis. […]

Picture of Tooth

My tooth cracked

A cracked tooth can have a variety of symptoms. You will experience erratic pain when chewing food or when you exposed the affected tooth to hot or cold temperatures. Dentists may have a difficult time diagnosing the cause of your discomfort. Caring for your broken tooth Give us a call as soon as possible if […]

My Gums Feel Sore

“What should I do if my gums feel sore?” It’s one of the questions of our dental patients here at Advanced Dental Care of Austin. We all experience gum soreness at some point. There may be several reasons why you’re feeling sore in your gums. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. It happens even to […]