Don't Let Anxiety Keep You from Your Best Oral Health: Sedation Dentistry Can Help

For many, visiting the dentist can be anxiety-inducing. In fact, between nine and 20 percent of Americans say they avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear, which means they are putting their emotional distress ahead of their oral health.

At Advanced Dental Care of Austin, we understand your anxiety and offer solutions. Our goal is to make every visit to our office an experience that makes you want to return. One of the best tools our expert team uses to accomplish this goal is sedation dentistry.

Here’s how sedation can ease your anxiety so you can feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry utilizes medication to encourage patients to relax during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry includes several levels, from minimal sedation, which relaxes you slightly, to deep sedation, which can put you just on the edge of consciousness or even render you completely asleep.

Our philosophy at Advanced Dental Care of Austin is to offer only conscious sedation. We want to minimize your discomfort, but we also want you to be fully awake and alert during your procedure. We will never put you all the way to sleep. You will always be fully aware of what is happening — the sedation just makes the experience more comfortable.

What types of sedation dentistry do you practice?

For minimal sedation, we typically administer nitrous oxide (commonly called “laughing gas”) through a mask over your nose. You will be calm and relaxed, and once the procedure is over, the effects will wear off quickly.

We can also take advantage of a sedative pill to provide the medication. The pill can deliver a higher level of sedation that will make you even more relaxed and ready for the dental procedure.

Who are good candidates for sedation dentistry?

If you have any amount of anxiety surrounding your visit to the dentist, you are probably a good candidate for sedation dentistry, particularly if your anxiety is bad enough to prevent you from actually walking in the door to our office.

Sedation can also provide relief if you are undergoing a long procedure, and it can be a calming influence on kids who have trouble sitting still during treatment. 

Keep in mind, using sedation during a procedure is entirely up to you, and we will discuss your options ahead of time. You can make a final decision on sedation whenever you are ready — no one will pressure you one way or the other. 

While sedation is perfectly safe for most people, you will want to let your dentist know about any medical conditions you have that could cause a problem, such as sleep apnea.

Advanced Dental Care of Austin offers sedation dentistry for the benefit of our patients. If you would like to discuss how sedation dentistry can help you, just schedule an appointment by calling our office or using our convenient online scheduler.

You don’t have to be anxious about the dentist anymore — we are here to help!

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