Has Your Dentist Ditched the Drill? The Benefits of Laser Cavity Removal

Ushering in the new standard for dentistry, the Solea® laser eliminates the fear and anxiety typically associated with going to the dentist. Procedures that once required anesthesia, injections, blood, and recovery time can now be performed quickly and painlessly.

Our team at Advanced Dental Care in Austin is on the cutting edge of dental technology and offers you an amazing alternative to old-school techniques. The Solea laser is FDA-cleared and can treat decaying teeth in adults and children, and can also take care of issues with your gums, enamel, and bones. So if you have cavities or other dental issues, you no longer need to deal with long, painful appointments that leave you numb and sore. 

How does the Solea laser work?

CO2 lasers have been used for decades to treat various skin conditions, and for about 25 years in dentistry, but only for soft tissue. Technological advances now make it possible to use this laser on hard tissue as well, which means teeth and bones now get the same benefits.

The Solea instrument uses infrared light waves to make tiny incisions, clean out decay, and treat gum, enamel, dentin, and bone issues seamlessly. Our doctors are expertly trained to guide the Solea laser for optimal precision.

Benefits of Solea laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is transforming the way dentists and their patients view the experience. At Advanced Dental Care, our priority has always been to bring our patients the very best care with the least amount of discomfort, so Solea is a natural fit in our office. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from laser dentistry:

Quicker appointments

Procedures that once took multiple appointments and long sessions in the chair, can now be performed in less time, because there is no waiting for the anesthesia to take effect, and the tool is much more agile and accurate.

Fewer appointments

Using older technology, if you had multiple dental issues to address, you would have to schedule them individually with separate appointments. Now, many dental issues can be taken care of in one appointment in all four quadrants of your mouth.

No blood

The Solea laser allows our dentists to make controlled movements at precise depths and measurements to ensure a bloodless procedure.

No pain

The power and precision of the Solea laser enables our dentists to remove decay, prep your teeth for fillings and crowns, and cut through gingiva and dentin without you feeling a thing.

No anesthesia

Because there’s no pain with the Solea laser, there’s no need for anesthesia. The process of administering anesthesia is a time-consuming part of your appointment. Then, of course, you have that transitional time as it slowly wears off and the pain sets in. All of that is eliminated with Solea laser.

No needles

No need for anesthesia means no need for needles, injections, or painful cuts or punctures of any kind.

No anxiety

One of the chief complaints among dental patients is anxiety. The anticipation of pain and dreading the thought of holding your mouth open for an hour causes people to avoid the dentist. With laser technology, appointments are fast, painless, and anxiety-free.

Great for children

By eliminating the fear and pain from the dental experience, children never learn to dread their regular check-ups.


Years of dental visits make many people associate the sound of a dental drill with a negative experience. However, the Solea laser is soundless, so you can relax in the chair with no noises to set your nerves on end.

Change the way you and your family do dentistry

If you live in the Austin area, you have the opportunity to transform your family’s dental experience by making Advanced Dental Care your choice. If quick, painless, accurate, and effective dental visits sound like something your family would enjoy, give us a call at 512-331-1477, or book an appointment online today.

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