“My tooth broke. Can I still go to your dental clinic? But I’m pregnant.” It’s one of the questions we commonly received.

Generally, dental work is safe to almost everyone, even to pregnant women. Professional cleanings and other preventive measures are essential for the health of the woman and of her unborn child.

Pregnancy can cause an increased in hormone levels resulting in some changes in your teeth and gums. Your gums may swell, get irritated and cause pain. Thus, preventative care is imperative in pregnant women to avoid developing oral diseases, which can sometimes result in preterm labor.

Is It Possible to Repair it While I’m Pregnant?

It depends on your condition. As previously mentioned, general dental work can be safely done to pregnant women. However, dental crowns and other reparative work are ideal to be performed during the second trimester.

Then again, it’s essential that broken tooth is repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damaged or infection.

Some women are uncomfortable lying in their dentist’s chair for an hour or so. At Advanced Dental Care of Austin, we make our patients, who are pregnant, comfortable by letting them sit or lay in a specialized chair. We don’t recommend waiting for you to give birth before allowing our resident dentists to repair your broken tooth.

As we always advise to our patients, your dental health is essential, especially when you’re pregnant.

Will Any Dental Work Harm My Unborn Child?

One of the most common medicines used in any type of dental work is lidocaine. It’s a numbing medication, which is categorized as a category B. As a category B medicine, it may cross the placenta. Nevertheless, it’s safe to be used in pregnant women, as long as it’s being administered in SMALL dose only.

The dentists here at Advanced Dental Care of Austin use the smallest amount of drug that might be used during a procedure. If you need an antibiotic, our dentists will only prescribe the safest anti-bacterial drugs that can be taken during pregnancy.

On the other hand, if you need dental x-rays to further investigate on your broken tooth, we only follow the American College of Radiology when it comes to performing dental x-ray in pregnant women. However, we rarely recommend getting dental x-ray during the first trimester. The only time we recommend having it is during the second trimester. When you reach your first trimester, we don’t perform dental x-ray as it may already cause harmful effects to your unborn child.

Is It Safe to Make a Dental Visit During Pregnancy?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. But most women are afraid to go to their dentists because they fear that it may harm their babies. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier, not taking care of your teeth can lead to some diseases that may lead to prematurity. Dentists can perform some dental procedures that can actually protect you against pre-term labor.

However, we don’t recommend getting elective procedures while pregnant. You must wait after you have given birth.

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