What's a Smile Makeover?

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When you look at pictures of yourself, are you smiling at the camera with tightly closed lips? Or are you hiding a gleeful laugh behind your hand? You aren’t alone.

According to a study by the American Association of Orthodontists, 36% of the people surveyed are unhappy with their teeth. It’s even worse for those in the “selfie generation.” Approximately 48% of those aged 18-24 have untagged a picture of themselves on Facebook because they didn't like their smile.

If you’re among those who aren’t happy with your smile—for whatever reason—you may be interested in a smile makeover.

What’s a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a process of improving your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. These can include:

These procedures can help get you to your ideal smile by correcting or improving:

Your dentist can help you create a customized makeover specific to your smile and oral health care needs. They can even make adjustments to the shape of your mouth and lips if that’s what you desire.

What to expect from a smile makeover?

The complete smile makeover process depends largely on the individual, so the exact procedures will vary. However, all smile makeover journeys will begin with having a conversation with your dentist and an initial dental exam.

During this exam, your dentist will determine which issues are preventing you from smiling with confidence. A careful dentist will also take an impression of your teeth and use it as a model of your current smile to make a customized plan.

Depending on your needs, a smile makeover can take several sessions. However, you’ll be able to smile confidently again—or for the first time!—once it’s complete. And if you follow the oral hygiene plan as described by your dentist, you’ll be able to maintain your brilliant smile for the rest of your life.

Looking for a smile makeover in Austin, Texas?

It’s important to get a qualified and experienced dental team to perform your smile makeover. At Advanced Dental Care in Austin, Texas, you’ll have an expert team of oral care professionals to guide you through the process and help you get a brilliant and stunning smile.

Call or request an appointment online today to learn more.

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