Post-Operative Instructions


Sometimes the after effects of oral surgery are quite minimal, so not all of the instructions may
apply. Please use common sense, however, when in doubt follow the guidelines or call our office
for clarification.

FIRST FEW HOURS: Bite down gently but firmly on gauze pack that has been provided. Change
every 30-40 minutes or after eating. If bleeding stops and the gauze is light pink, then you may
discontinue biting on gauze. If active bleeding, then keep biting on gauze as long as it is needed.
Intermittent bleeding or oozing is normal the first 24 hours. Do not spit or drink through a straw.

PERSISTENT BLEEDING: If gauze continues to be completely soaked after several hours, you
may substitute gauze for a tea bag - soak in cold water, drain it, and bite down firmly for 30
minutes, repeating as needed. Call our office if bleeding persists.

CARING FOR BLOOD CLOT: It is important not to disturb extraction site because it may cause
dry socket (irritation to the bone). Do not rinse during the first 24 hours. Do not brush the surgical
area. Do not smoke for at least 4-5 days. Just change gauze.

SWELLING/BRUISING: Swelling is associated with oral surgery, especially when bone is
removed. Swelling will peak at third day after surgery, then starts to reduce slowly. Use an ice pack
the first day to prevent swelling, do 30 minutes on 30 minutes off. After third day of surgery use
heating pad to help reduce swelling already present.

PAIN: Unfortunately most oral surgery is accompanied by some degree of discomfort. Prescription
will be provided if needed. If not allergic, you may take ibuprofen 600mg every 6 hours the first 2-3
days, and can alternate with Tylenol 500mg as needed.

ANTIBIOTICS: If prescribed, make sure to take all pills as prescribed. Antibiotics may reduce the
effectiveness of birth control.

NAUSEA: Nausea is uncommon but may be present when associated with narcotic pain
medication. If vomiting occurs, please discontinue use of pain killer and call our office if needed.
Make sure to stay hydrated (water, Gatorade, etc., but no carbonated drinks).

DIET: Soft diet the first day (mashed potatoes, yogurt, pasta, & fish). Avoid foods with seeds or
anything that can be lodged in the socket. Over the next few days you can go back to normal diet.
Do not drink through a straw. Make sure you consume good nutrients (protein drinks, fruit
smoothies, etc.).

HEALING: Healing time is different for everyone. It may take 6-8 weeks until the socket is
completely filled. Sharp edges are commonly associated with bone healing. If they cause
discomfort, please call.

HYGIENE: Change gauze, and brush other teeth and floss normally. Starting second day, swish
with salt water rinse 3-4 times/day. If you have a prescription mouth wash, use 2 times/day.

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