Tooth Discoloration


Tooth Discoloration

Today’s professional tooth whitening solutions are far more powerful and quicker than they were in the past. If you’ve been hiding your smile due to discolored teeth, our dentists and their staff can help your confidence, especially before a special occasion.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration can have many different causes. For most people, it is the staining from the result from the various food and beverages we consume. Things like wine, soda, coffee, fruit juice, and tea can all leave stains on your teeth, discoloring them. Age is another factor in tooth discoloration. As we age, our enamel becomes thinner, exposing the yellowish dentin underneath. Other very common causes of discolored teeth include oral trauma and tobacco use.

How tooth whitening works?

During a professional tooth whitening treatment, a special bleaching or whitening solution is used to remove the stains from your teeth. Today, you can choose between an in-office treatment and one of our professional take home solutions. These professional kits are far more powerful than the over-the-counter whitening kits that you can purchase at your local drugstore. Professional whitening treatments, even the take-home solutions, not only remove the stains from the surface of the tooth enamel; they also remove stains that settled into the pores in the tooth enamel. This is why they give you such drastic results more quickly than with the over-the-counter method.

For instances where your tooth discoloration is caused by oral trauma or a dental procedure such as a root canal, a different form of tooth whitening may be required. In these cases, one of our cosmetic dentists will place a bleaching solution inside the tooth to lighten the tooth’s shade. This is because in these cases, the discoloration is occurring inside the tooth instead of on the outside, where traditional tooth whitening methods won’t work.

What types of tooth whitening will work for me?

The tooth whitening treatment that will work best for you will depend largely on the type and extent of your tooth discoloration. There are many types of tooth whitening treatments available in our office today. Our professional whitening treatments are completely safe and by far more effective than anything you can buy from your local pharmacy or supermarket. No matter how discolored your teeth have become, we have a professional treatment that will make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile.

For more information on the types of tooth whitening treatments we offer, or to find out which whitening solution would be best for you, call us at 512-331-1477 or click this contact us link to schedule a consultation. Why wait to have the bright white smile you deserve? Call today!

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