Bad Breath Treatment


Bad Breath Treatment


Bad breath, or halitosis as it is sometimes known, can be a sign of a more serious underlying dental issue. In some cases, you may notice issues with bad breath that are not caused by diet choices, and you may want to consider an appointment with the experienced staff of Advanced Dental Care Austin. This will allow us to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your bad breath concerns.  Some people may try to treat bad breath with mints or other breath fresheners, but these only cover up the cause. By getting professional treatment for your breath, you can be sure we will discover and eliminate the underlying cause of your bad breath.

What are some causes of halitosis?

It is a common misconception that bad breath is caused by your dietary choices. This is not completely true, as there are a number of dental health issues that can cause halitosis to occur. Gum disease and poor dental hygiene are two common causes of bad breath. Major damage can be caused by bacteria feeing on plaque and tartar buildup, which can wreak havoc on the interior of your mouth. The same bacteria can cause tooth decay, tooth loss, gingivitis, as well a thin film to form on your tongue that will emit an odor that can only be masked if not treated.

What can be done to eliminate halitosis?

As with any dental condition, there is a treatment for halitosis. After performing a thorough examination to determine the cause, your dentist will have a suitable treatment plan in mind for your specific case. These treatments may not relieve the bad breath instantly, but with proper treatment and follow-ups, the problem will eventually be corrected. If the problem persists, you may need to revisit your dentist and make sure there are no other serious conditions causing the issue. Our dentist will discuss any and all treatment plans with you in advance so that you can plan accordingly, including how many offices visits you will require, and how long the overall treatment will take.

Don’t let bad breath prevent you from leading a fulfilled personal and professional life, call 512-331-1477 today to schedule your consultation with one of our highly regarded dental professionals. Using their years of experience and extensive knowledge of dentistry, our dental professionals can get to the root of any dental issues that may be linked to unpleasant breath and help you to have a sparkling, confident smile.

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