Digital X-Rays


Digital X-Rays

In the past, dental x-rays required the use of caustic chemicals and higher radiation exposure. This was required in order to allow dentists a closely examine your dental situation. Today’s digital x-rays technology is a drastic improvement over the traditional. It is faster, easier, and far safer for both you as a patient and your dentist. At Advanced Dental Care of Austin, we are proud to use this revolutionary new technology. We can now take a closer look at our patient’s oral and dental health while ensuring their safety and comfort. For an introduction to digital x-ray technology visit

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

  • Digital x-rays have a number of advantages over the traditional x-ray method, including:
  • 90 percent less radiation exposure for patients
  • No need for toxic and caustic chemical use and storage in the dentist’s office
  • Far faster than traditional dental x-rays
  • Immediate image viewing
  • Faster transmission to insurance for payment and referrals
  • Patients can be shown their digital x-rays more easily, increasing dentist-patient communication, as well as a patient understanding of dental health issues and treatment needs

How Digital X-Rays Work

When taking a digital x-ray, your dentist or his staff will place a tiny sensor inside your mouth. This will instantly record images of your gums, teeth, and jaw structure, giving your dentist an immediate look at any areas that may need treatment. The digital x-ray will show the dentist your tooth’s structure, as well as the tooth root and supporting bone. This allows your dentist to see even the most minor dental issues clearly before they become a larger problem. This takes far less time than a traditional x-ray, making it an ideal choice for busy patients and dental offices.

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