Flouride Treatment


Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is found in many of the foods we eat, and in the municipal water, we drink. It also occurs naturally in our bodies. There are many people that do not get sufficient amounts of fluoride which can increase the risk of tooth decay and numerous other dental issues. Fluoride is in toothpaste and helps to protect and support tooth enamel. Here at Advanced Dental Care of Austin, we offer simple and quick fluoride treatments that can ensure that you are getting all of the benefits that fluoride can offer you and your dental health. To learn more about fluoride treatment and the benefits that come from it, please feel free to read through our guide below.

What is fluoride, and why is it important?

Though many people have heard of fluoride, they are unsure of what it is, why it is necessary or how it helps preserve dental health. Fluoride occurs naturally in our bodies as a mineral and helps protect your teeth against the effects of sugar, acid erosion, and bacteria. Fluoride serves to help restore the minerals in your enamel that keep your teeth protected from dangerous substances, as well as providing healthy nutrients your body needs such as phosphates and calcium. Fluoride is crucial in helping to repair the enamel and prevent a host of dental health problems from occurring.

What is involved in receiving a fluoride treatment?

A typical fluoride treatment only takes about four minutes and is painless. When you arrive at the office the dentist will apply fluoride varnish to your teeth, followed by a special fluoride foam. It is important to get these treatments as suggested since most people do not get the amounts of fluoride recommend by dental professionals.

Can a fluoride treatment benefit me?

It is a misconception that only young children and teenagers need fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments are beneficial to all age groups. Maintaining your oral health is a continuous process and scheduling regular fluoride treatments is key to preventing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Read more about fluoride treatments.

Fluoride treatments should be performed regularly, in order to guard your teeth against the harmful bacterias that can potentially lead to tooth decay. Please call 512-331-1477 or  schedule your consultation with Advanced Dental Care of Austin. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff have a number of fluoride treatments for patients who are concerned about the future health of their smile.

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