For patients who are missing some or all of their teeth, dentures (removable appliances) can be an ideal cosmetic dentistry solution that can provide you with a number of benefits. The dental professionals at Advanced Dental Care of Austin can help you to achieve a brilliantly white smile and dramatically improve the way you look and feel. After reading the information below, please call or email us to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly dentists.


Complete Dentures vs. Partial Dentures?

If you still have some healthy natural teeth remaining, then partials may be an effective solution. However, if all of your teeth are missing or cannot be saved with dental treatments, complete dentures are often highly recommended. These will usually be put in place approximately 8-12 weeks after your teeth have been removed and your gum tissue has healed. Partial dentures are a temporary bridge that is made of replacement teeth and gum colored plastic, as well as a metal framework. You can also receive a permanent partial denture that is cemented into your mouth and attached to surrounding teeth via crowns. The entire process takes anywhere between 3 weeks to 2 months to be completed, and will generally require several visits to your dentist for impression creations, measurements, and evaluations.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures can give you the brilliant white smile that you’ve been waiting for, and are a great cosmetic dentistry solution for those who are missing numerous teeth. They also improve your ability to chew, in that they close any gaps that may be preventing you from having a productive bite. In addition, they enable you to improve your pronunciation and allow for you to have better speech patterns. Overall, dentures can improve your self-esteem as well, and is known to enhance your facial appearance and structure. Dentures are often fully or partially covered by your dental insurance provider. However, it’s best to contact your insurance company beforehand to verify the specifics of your particular insurance policy.

What kind of denture maintenance will be required?

You must ensure that you carry out proper maintenance of your appliances, given that plaque and tartar can still build up. There is a myriad of denture cleaners on the market today. These can efficiently clean your dentures and provide you with optimal dental hygiene. You may also want to consider using denture adhesives, which can improve retention and stability, as well as enhance your bite force. Should you find that you are using dentures adhesives to affix ill-fitting dentures or if you have not had your dentures evaluated in quite some time, then it is suggested that you consult with your dentist to have your dentures adjusted or replaced.

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