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Does the idea of drilling in your mouth during a dental procedure frighten you? Fear no more. The excellent team of dentists at Advanced Dental Care of Austin in Austin, Texas, have replaced drilling during many procedures with cutting-edge laser technology. With the FDA-approved Solea® laser, the staff performs many procedures, including fillings, with no anesthesia and next to no bleeding. If you’re curious about laser dentistry, call or use the online booking tool today and set up a time to come in.

Laser Dentistry Q&A

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry refers to the use of cutting-edge laser technology to make dental procedures more convenient and more effective than ever before. The method can be used to complete a variety of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures.

By offering laser dentistry, Advanced Dental Care of Austin is changing what it means to get dental work. Dental procedures don’t have to be disruptive or painful. Thanks to laser dentistry, you can undergo a procedure and return to work or school directly after without any anesthesia-associated numbing sensation.  

What are laser dentistry procedures like?

The Solea laser system is the first FDA-approved CO2 dental laser system used for a variety of dental procedures. It offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to complete virtually painless dental work from simple cavities to more complex surgeries. For example, the laser beam technology can painlessly replace the use of a drill during a procedure to put in a filling.

Laser dentistry procedures offer you a unique experience as far as visits to the dentist go. Afterward, you’ll find it hard to believe you just had dental work done.

What are the advantages of laser dentistry?

The team at Advanced Dental Care of Austin is proud to be one of the few dental practices in the area using the Solea® dental laser system. There are a variety of benefits associated with the Solea laser system, including:

  • No numb feeling
  • No needles
  • No jarring noises
  • No soreness
  • The capability to perform multiple procedures in one appointment

Overall, you’ll find laser dentistry makes getting your cavities filled a much simpler process. Cavities are one to he most common dental issues, and though you may have avoided dental work in the past because of the pain and inconvenience, you don’t have to worry about that dilemma at Advanced Dental Care of Austin.

At many dental offices, fillings to restore teeth affected by cavities can involve complex procedures with drilling and anesthesia. However, at Advanced Dental Care of Austin, the Solea laser system allows the team to perform anesthesia-free and drill-free filling procedures.

To find out more about how laser dentistry is used at the office, call or use the online booking tool today and schedule your next appointment.