Dental Fillings

Let’s face it; no one ranks getting dental fillings very high on their to-do list. Time constraints combined with a subtle element of fear often keep people from scheduling their regular checkups. Even though keeping regular appointments with your dentist is well known as a critical step toward maintaining good oral health, many people needlessly let their fear stop them from scheduling these important appointments.

One instance when you shouldn’t hesitate to call your dentist however, is when you have a cavity. The sooner the tooth decay is halted, the better off you will be. In this article, we explain more about fillings and why it’s important to contact us immediately if you need one.

What are dental fillings and who needs them?

Fillings can be made from a number of materials, including tooth-colored ceramics and metals such as gold. When your tooth has decayed, cracked, or been worn down, fillings are used to replace the missing portion of the tooth and to protect the tooth’s interior. This is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures today, and can usually be completed in a single appointment. If your cavity is more extensive and will require more than one appointment, a temporary filling will be placed to prevent further decay.

What is the process for filling a tooth?

Before beginning, your dentist will perform a thorough examination to ensure that none of your other teeth need to be repaired as well. The tooth and surrounding gums will be numbed using a local anesthetic in order to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Any decayed tooth matter will be removed using specialized dental instruments, and the tooth will be rinsed and dried. Your dentist will then fill the cavity using the material they feel is best for your individual situation. The dental filling will then be polished to remove any rough edges.

Do fillings require special care?

The most important part of caring for your filling is maintaining regular oral hygiene practices and visiting our office on a regular basis. This allows the dentist to check and ensure that your filling hasn’t been damaged or come loose. If your filling does begin to loosen, schedule an appointment immediately to prevent further tooth damage.

If you suspect that you have a cavity, call our office today at 512-331-1477 or use this contact link to schedule a consultation  with Dr. Justin D’Abadie or Dr. Jaya Hiremath. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy smile once more.

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