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The idea of sedation during dentistry can intimidate some people. At Advanced Dental Care of Austin in Austin, Texas, the staff will never put you fully out during a procedure. Instead, conscious sedation is offered to minimize discomfort but keep you fully awake and alert during dental work. If you’d like to know more about sedation dentistry at the office, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Sedation Dentistry Q&A

What is sedation?

At Advanced Dental Care of Austin, the staff, on occasion, provides anesthesia during dental procedures to improve your patient experience. When you hear the word “sedation,” you may think of being unconscious during a medical procedure. However, at the Austin, Texas office, the team of dentists only offers conscious sedation.

You’ll never be put completely out during dental work. At all times, you’ll be aware of what’s happening; the sedation will only help you feel more comfortable.

Sedation is an especially helpful tool for helping your child or teen get through a complex dental procedure. Also, many adults who feel nervous about procedures benefit from sedation during more involved dental work.

When is sedation used?

Your dentist may suggest sedation for a variety of reasons, including:

  • In cases of dental anxiety
  • During more involved procedures
  • To minimize discomfort
  • If you’re fearful of a procedure
  • If you have a low pain threshold
  • When a child has trouble sitting still


Prior to using sedation, you and your dentist discuss the topic thoroughly with a focus on your experience.

Do I get to decide when sedation is used?

Of course. Using sedation during a procedure is up to you and that decision only comes after discussing everything with your dentist. You can ask any questions you like, no matter how basic or obvious they may seem.

The staff is very sensitive about the use of sedation and will compassionately listen to your concerns.

Sedation is perfectly safe for most people, and your dentist will go over any potential risks with you. Be sure to mention any medical conditions you have, such as sleep apnea, as your dentist may recommend not using sedation to avoid potential complications.

How does sedation work during a dental procedure?

If you choose to use sedation during a procedure, your dentist will administer moderate or mild sedation. You can have either inhaled sedation, such as nitrous oxide or “laughing gas,” or take a sedative pill.

During the procedure, depending on the specifics, you’ll be fully awake but very relaxed. The state you’re in will make the dental work easier both for you and your dentist.

If you’re curious to know more about sedation dentistry at Advanced Dental Care of Austin, call or use the online booking tool today.